STEAM Projects 2021

This year we will be holding in-school Steam Team Days.  For this to work, we will need a stocked supply of household and recyclable items.  We are only asking for items you may have already lying around the house.  No need to go purchase these items.  We are not looking for a massive supply (taking up a lot of space) as we have limited square footage.  If you could please start collecting these items we would appreciate it.  Our first Steam Team Day is the second day of school.  This is why we are informing you now to please find a box and start adding materials as you come across them.  Boxes are a great way to send in items as we can then use the cardboard for the projects or store by stacking for later.   If you are sending any of the listed items that previously stored food or liquid, please make sure they are cleaned and dry before bringing them in.  


Paper towel rolls

Duct Tape

 Painters Tape 

Transparent Tape 

Wood Craft Sticks 

Plastic Drinking Straws

 Paper Clips 

Binder Clips 

Hook & Loop (velcro)

Paper Cups & Plates


 Mod Podge 

Double-sided tape

Fishing Line 

Bamboo Skewers 

Balsa Wood 

Model Magic 

Altoids Tins 


Plastic lids(milk, juice, water bottle, peanut butter (any lids)


Plastic PVC Pipe 

Acrylic Paint 

Zip Ties 

String / Yarn 


Brass Fasteners 

Paper – Craft / Construction 


Rubber Bands  

Hot Glue Sticks

Different types or pieces of packaging (strong cardboard and plastics) can be great to use as well. 

You are not limited to just this list. Feel free to send in items that you think would be great for a project created by the students. Get imaginative!

Contact Info
Peoria Hebrew Day School
  • 5614 N University St
  • 309.692.2821