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Dear PHDS Family,

What a year!  Who would have guessed that 2020 would have brought so many crazy changes and complications to our whole world!  We are certainly glad to have you here with us.  Our school community is strong, loving, and most of all, full of perseverance!  As we jumped into online learning within a couple of days, we ran into most of the obstacles that were seen by millions who were also thrown into this new e-learning world.  It’s HARD!  We persevered, and found what works, kicked what didn’t, and made plans for success in the future (with the possibility of having to possibly return to e-learning during the school year 20/21).

The faculty and board have been deep in brainstorming sessions to find the best way we can keep your child or children thriving in their schoolwork as well as their spirit.  We are very excited to share our school year 20/21 plans and prospects.

We are sad to see Mrs. Carol Norton leave our family, but we are excited for her next phase in life and hope she has a wonderful time in retirement.

Our staff will include Ms.Kellie Wood, Mrs, Debbe Bingaman, and Ms. Jane Sterling as well as Dr. Halprin, Mr. Yona Lunken, Mrs. Dina Lunken, Mrs. Segolene Oliver, and Mrs. Yardenia Shamir.  

This fall, we are working smarter and have decided to play to the strengths of the teachers.  What this means is that Ms. Wood will be teaching math for all of the levels (1st through 8th).  She will also do this for History/Social Studies.  Mrs. Bingaman will be teaching English/Language Arts and Science for all of the levels as well.  Ms. Jane will stay with the Pre-K and Kindergarten. The teachers are confident that this organization will be much more fluid and successful when we return to school as well as with e-learning (just in case).  This new structure allows for the mornings to be the same with Dr. Halprin, Segolene, Yardenia, Dina, and Yona.  After the first recess, the younger group will be with Ms. Wood for math and history/social studies. The older groups will have ELA/Reading and Science with Mrs. B.  All of the classes get one independent work time per day as well.  This is a class period set aside to work on projects, homework, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and typing.  During this time, there will be a classroom chaperone to supervise the students, and there will be no more than 5 students at a time having independent work time.  During the afternoon, the younger students will be with Mrs. B and the older groups with Ms. Wood or independent work time.

The small change for the younger students should be exciting for them, and support their intrinsic motivation.  Having different rooms in the afternoon than the morning will keep their liveliness and balance out their day with different teachers and teaching styles.  The teachers get to passionately teach what they love and know well.  We all know that is the key to exemplary learning. The built-in independent work time will naturally guide the students to think for themselves, learn time management, use logic and reasoning, and find answers with available resources on their own.  For the older students, this new model will also serve as preparation for the future where going from class to class is typical.

With regards to the independent work time, we are going to be looking for volunteer chaperones. Using family members within our community will always bring us closer and get to know each other better. The chaperone time slots will be 11:25am- 12:15pm, 12:55-1:45pm, and 1:40-2:30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. There will be no instruction during this time. The supervisor does not need a background in teaching. They do however need to like kids. We will have resources available to the children in order to finish the work that they are supposed to do during independent work time.  Below is the link for Signup Genius to reserve your time slot.  Thank you so much, and see you this year!



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